The Wandsworth Demons
Antarctica Trip
14 Jun, 08

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Headed off for a week of sailing around the Croatian coast between Split and Dubrovnik. There were 32 of us on the boat, and I knew about 10 before we sailed. And now I have a bunch of new friends.

The Omladinac, the second one out from the dock. Settling in early on Getting used tot he deck, even if the weather wasn't quite ready for it.
Mandi and Simone Krissy

First landing and it is Saturday night out in, well some place I don't think I ever knew the name of. Someone tell me. I can't keep captioning every photo either. I just can't keep it up.

Angry brothers Glasso's second risque number for the night

Some hangovers the next day, but at least the weather had improved

We stopped at a quiet town for the evening on Sunday. A bit of beach time and then a party on the boat, with a few other boats also there to add to the occasion.

You're The Voice

Dubrovnik. One of the most beautiful cities I've been to. A walk around the city wall is compulsory, and then some drinks and we watched Croatia beat Poland in the football that night, and the ensuing flare-driven celebrations.

Preparing for the night ahead

Tuesday and we stop for a swim and some tennis ball games off the boat, and then stop at a bay where we visit a monastery on a small island in the middle of a lake. Then a beautiful seafood meal.

Ian chants Sophie and Lizzie love religion
Well, we were in Dalmatia after all. That's the region of Croatia we were in.
Lobster heaven. Well, where the lobsters wait to go to heaven. I couldn't face it, so had squid.

Wednesday took us to Korcula, which was my favourite stop I think. Very hot, as it would be for the rest of the trip, but the party life was getting better too.

This is a cocktail bar, oddly enough.
The moon over Korcula at about 3am.

More swimming on Thursday and then off to Hvar, a famous party town. My second time here. Still a lot of fun.

Sarah being a great model for a sunset shot
The kiwis celebrate Sarah's win in the dance-off

A final day of sailing and then we're back for our final tour night in Split. A fairly big city, it was ready for a big quarter-final against the Turks. Unfortunately the result went the wrong way this time.

Jessica, Isla, Jade, and Mandi I was drunk
Glasso and Krissy Hosko was also drunk

So we were done, and I had a great time. Hardly the most luxurious accomodation, but the rest of the boat, the company, the scenery, and the various locations we visited more than made up for some poor sleeps!

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