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Antarctica Trip
18 Apr, 08
Lake Como

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My family flew out from Australia - my brother from Zambia - and we all met up in a small town called Lierna on the east side of Lake Como where we had a villa booked.

Arriving in Milan for a few drinks with my friend Eva before heading up to Lierna Some initials views of the lake Hope and Tash and some ducks
A later photo of Lierna

We head into the town of Lecco the next day to buy some provisions and wait for my brother to arrive

I went into Varenna to meet Mike, unfortunately we had some troubles with the train on the way back so we ended up walking 4km instead. Was a ncie day at least.

Our villa, from the train window
Danger lurked around every bend Home at last
Time for a little hard earnt wine, with my mum

It was off to Milan the next day, Michael and I were going to try to see Ac Milan play, and the girls we just looking around. We met them in the Piazza del Duomo for a look at the cathedral.

Stop-off in Varenna The San Siro
Lighting candles

The next day was a rest and games day, and then it was off to look at the lake itself and the towns on the west and south sides. First we were off to Menaggio on the western shore...

Then it was over to Bellagio for a look at the famous little town.

A big part of the reason for the trip was to visit Tirano, on the Swiss border, where my mother's side of my family comes from. My grandfather's cousin Roma still lives there and showed us around.

The train into the Swiss Alps
A cup of tea with Roma Mum and my aunt Trish learning about the family
A Molinari household, my mother's side family name. We don't know that this is a relative though.

And so that was the end of my time in Lierna and Lake Como

I spent one night in the city of Bergamo though before a very early morning flight to London. The fam came along to see me off.

Time to say goodbye to the girls, before they visit me in London anyway

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