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22 Feb, 08
My New Flat

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In February I took the keys to my new flat. It's in the part of London I've lived in for the last 8 years. The first pics are from before I had some work done.

Living Room Living room, with door to kitchen. The main project is that wall. Kitchen side of project wall
Walk-in closet Bedroom Doors to small balcony overlooking Clapham Common. I bought the curtains from the previous owners.

Thought I'd take a few shots of the neighbourhood

Clapham Common Battersea Rise One of the many restaurants
The Northcote Road markets And Nando's on the main corner

The work underway, I dropped in a few times to see how it was going and keep the picture diary. The most important job was removing a large part of the wall between the kitchen and living room.

Wall gone! Brett, from the kitchen

Also the bedroom window frames were rotten and letting water, so they had to be replaced and the walls replastered. The other job had to do with the bathroom mirror, raising it as I was a little too tall. It had electrics so was slightly too tricky for me

Bedroom windows Work junk The wall with new supports for the benchtop

While that was happening I was shopping for furniture with Eileen's help. A trip to Ikea and DFS as well sorted out a TV cabinet and the sofa.

After the builders were basically done, the decorator came in. I had been instructed that my walls were to be white.

The bathroom mirror raised. Clapham Common
Kitchen pretty much done

This is the old carpet, and with the painting done the next job was carpeting.

The day after carpeting was furniture and Sky guy Saturday! Here my TV has made the trip over ready to meet the new Sky HD box.

TV is heavy On Saturdays there are soccer matches in the park The south circular intersection
New carpet, and Hope's TV making itself useful. I had bought a cabinet from Ikea, but it wasn't built yet There it is.
Then the bed guys came From Balham And made my bed
And brought my table and chairs

Unfortunately there were some problems with the wood setting into place and the builder was unhappy, so we went back to the drawing board as far as the walls there were concerned.

Richard the builder made this hole after a vertical crack appeared up the wall. So we're back to needing painting done.

And my sofa arrived last of all, so the place is almost ready now.

So I've had a few visitors over and moved a lot of stuff.

A day after their engagement, JT and Emma Junk everywhere Tomey and Sally
Snow days at Easter Snow days at Easter

Finally - these are the floor plans

The plans!

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