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Antarctica Trip
16 Jan, 07
Antarctica - Favourites

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This is a collection of my favourite pictures from the trip. If you're unsure why some of them are here, I'll leave comments. Some are here for more personal reasons than others.

These are the highest resolution pictures on my site, though they are still reduced from the originals by a long way.

There are a lot more galleries of pictures accessible through the Antarctica section.

Penguin checking out the Orlova I do like pictures combining penguins and icebergs A mum chats about her eggs, though it is unlikely now they will hatch
An old whaling vessel with an old whale vertebrae A lone macaroni penguins hangs out with some chinstrap penguins, possibly too old or injured to stay with his colony A weddell seal plays on the beach
This little fella strolled past me, stopped, looked at me, turned away, bent forward, and pooped, before waddling off. I felt we had a connection. The Orlova releasing a zodiac of passengers for a landing A group of chinstraps messing about on the volcanic beach
Every beach has lovely girls in bikinis Glaciers just look majestic Charge of the adelie penguin
My first step on the continent, with Susan, our tour leader The colour is just amazing and the reflection made it better Penguins messing about on a piece of ice
So cute Pictures with penguin chicks are easily the cutest ones I'll ever take I'm sure Zodiac in an icy bay
The sheathbills are not welcome in the colonies, as the penguins will mention to them from time to time Penguin fishing amongst the ice The sun gets low and provides some colour for us
A cormorant perches himself perfectly for this shot Beautiful icebergs, with a lone penguin lessing about Some adelie penguins, the only ones we saw.
One adelie and one gentoo A rock forced apart by water which had melted into fissures, refreezing and cracking it open. Frost wedging it is known as. Zodiac in an ice window
A Uruguayan naval vessel in waters it should not be in Messing around on the bow One of my best, a fortunate shot of a sunbeam on an iceberg in an otherwise dim bay
A kelp gull with its chick, well camouflaged in the rocks A curious penguin checks out the seal Too cute to leave out of this collection
Penguins on a highway A skua attacks, trying to get a chick for lunch A blue-eyed cormorant
Penguins and ice Too cute A sunlit canal
Boat life, including some Long Island Ice Teas And the sun sets... ..and leaves us to remember an unforgettable trip

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